Peiling in body electric 3.2. Photo by Yong-ru Tang

Hope you are in good health, mind, and spirit.

The world is asking us to slow down and at the same time to flight for our social justice. I am taking a breath and a pause that allow me to reflect, look back and to ensure I move forward with consciousness, rather than habitual actions.

PEILING KAO DANCES 8th Home season is postponed to 2021. 

I started the production planning in the early 2020 and was able to travel to Switzerland to work with one of the commissioned artists Shinichi Iova-koga in March before the lockdown. He set a lovely solo on me titled: Sand becomes Sunshine.

Please stay tuned for PEILING KAO DANCES 8th Home Season - One Body, Five Dances, Six Perspectives II in 2021, with five dances choreographed by five world renown male choreographers: Gerald Casel (CA), Peter Rockford Espiritu (HI), Keith Hennessy (CA), Shinichi Iova-koga (Switzerland), and Wen-Chung Lin (Taiwan). 

Peiling in Cover Your Mouth When You Smile. Photo by Robbie Sweeny