Things I Donʻt Tell You.png

Things I Donʻt Tell You

Three solos performed by

Spencer Agoston, Madelyn Biven, and Jason Kanda.

Directed and choreographed by Peiling Kao in collaboration

with the performers and creative writers

Tsuyuno Amos, Richard Hamasaki, and Craig Howes. 

Preview at Oʻahu miniFRINGE 

November 5 at 8:30pm / November 6 at 7:30pm

Downtown Art Center 

Very limited capacity. 

Ticket: click on miniFRINGE logo


One Body, Five Dances, Six Perspectives II

Peiling continues working with five world renown male choreographers: Gerald Casel (CA), Peter Rockford Espiritu (HI), Keith Hennessy (CA), Shinichi Iova-koga (Switzerland), and Wen-Chung Lin (Taiwan) under the restriction of COVID-19.

Stay tuned for the premiere in 2022.