Images From the Dark Land (2019)

Earle Ernst Lab Theatre, Honolulu, HI

35 minutes

Performers: Marcie Munnerlyn, Donovan Oakleaf, Malia Yamamoto

Collaboration with UH Faculty String Quartet

Integral Bodies (2019)

University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa, Kennedy Theatre, HI

85 minutes 

Cover Your Mouth When You Smile (2018)

ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA

Collaboration with choreographer Gerald Casel and Na-ye Kim

26 minutes

Dancers: Gerald Casel, Peiling Kao, and Na-ye Kim


She Was A Visitor (2017)

Kumu Kahua Theatre, Honolulu, HI

20 minutes

Dancers: Madelyn Biven, Maria Houar and Malia Yamamoto


You Are Here (2017)

Kumu Kahua Theatre, HI

27 minutes

Dancer: Peiling Kao

Capricious (2017)

University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa, Kennedy Theatre, HI

Collaboration with Taiko master Kenny Endo

13 minutes

Space Tension (2016)

University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa, Kennedy Theatre, HI

Collaboration with Rich Rath

5-minute loop

per[mute]ing (2016)

Hope Mohr Dance 2016 Bridge Project: Ten Artist response to Locus

Yerba Buena Center For the Arts

7 minutes

Dancer: Peiling Kao


5th Suite (2016)

Collaboration with Christy Funsch, as part of Six Suites, produced by Amy Lewis.

SF Community Music Center, CA

Dancer: Christy Funsch and Peiling Kao


Chop (2015) re-staging

Marin Academy, Marin, CA

4 minutes

Music: Forêt Vierge by Guem


A Fizzy Drink, A Metro Walk (2015)

ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA

19 minutes 

Sound design: Arjun Mendiratta

Dancer: Sarah JG Chenoweth, Rebecca Chun, and Mo Miner


Ludic Numerologies (2014)

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, Oakland, CA

22 minutes

Sound design: Arjun Mendiratta

Dancers: Deanna Bangs, Erica Pinigis, and Sarah Shouse


Chop (2013)                   

Shawl-Anderson Youth Ensemble, Oakland, CA 

4 minutes

Music: Forêt Vierge by Guem


Year of The Snake (2013)                      

CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA

50 minutes

Composer: Jason Hoopes

Concept: Jason Hoopes, Karl Jensen and Peiling Kao

Dancers: Janet Das, Kristin Damrow, Peiling Kao, and Nadia Oka


Migration (2013)               

Mills College Repertory Company, Oakland, CA 

8 minutes

Music: Derute from Manzairaku, an expert of gagaku

Dancers: Rachel Caldwell, Maya Haines, Ashley Yee


The Best Defense, She’s Found (2013)   

Eslite Theater, Taipei, Taiwan

17 minutes

Composer: Jason Hoopes

Dancer: Peiling Kao


Imprint (2013)  

Nominated for Isadora Duncan Dance Awards in category of 

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Design

Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, CA

8 pieces, 50 minutes

Musicians: Jordan Glenn, Jason Hoopes, Gretchen Jude, Christina Stanley, and Daniel Steffey

Visual design: Gretchen Jude and Les Stuck 

Dancers: Janet Das, Peiling Kao, Nadia Oka, Rajendra Serber and 

Ashley Trottier


Procession (2012)                                

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA 

5 minutes

Musician: Gangqin Zhao

Dancer: Peiling Kao


I’m fine, thank you (2012)                    

Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, CA

5 minutes

Music: Graceful Ghost Rag by William Bolcom

Dancers: Colin Epstein and Peiling Kao


The Fondest Sway (2011)            

Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee

8 minutes

Sound design: Gretchen Jude


P.C.C.P. 2 (2011)               

Mills College Lisser Upstairs Stage, Oakland, CA

5 pieces, 30 minutes

Musicians: Chris Golinski, Gretchen Jude, Jason Hoopes, Christina Stanley, and Daniel Steffey

Dancers: Kristine Anderson, Peiling Kao and Ashley Trottier


Event Horizon (2010)                             

Mill College MFA thesis, Oakland, CA

18 minutes

Sound design: Gretchen Jude

Dancers: Sarah Brown, Angela Demmel, Virgina Fung, Dawn Paulson and Anna Seagrave


The 15th Day (2010)                                    

Mills College MFA thesis, Oakland, CA

8 minutes

Sound design: Gretchen Jude

Dancer: Peiling Kao


14 Days, 10 Minutes (2010)                           

Outdoor Improvisation Project, Mills College campus

Dancer: Peiling Kao


Conflicts of a speechless heart (2007)      

Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, London, England 

Dancer: Peiling Kao



Gerald and Peiling in Cover Your Mouth When You Smile. Photo by Robbie Sweeny 

Peiling and Tracy Taylor Grubbs in per[mute]ing. Photo by Margo Moritz 

Peiling in 5th Suite. Photo by Lynne Fried


Peiling in The Best Defense, She's Found. Photo by Terry Lin


Janet and Ashley in Imprint

Photo by Carly McLane